ArtWorks - Cincinnati

Giving Back is in our DNA.  

Design + Positivity + Giving Back = Wish Supply Co.

At WSC, our mission is to affect the world in a positive way. We do this by designing beautiful product, spreading positive energy, and giving back.


With every purchase of a WSC product 10% is given to an organization where good things are happening. We are currently supporting Art Works, Cincinnati. We are so excited to support an organization that makes the world a better place — they transform people + places through investments in creativity.  


Founded in 1996, ArtWorks is an award-winning non-profit organization that employs and trains local youth and talent to create art and community impact through three strategic programming areas: Public Art, including an extensive mural program; an art therapy division, ArtRx; and an entrepreneurial arm, Creative Enterprise. ArtWorks is the largest visual arts employer in the region. To date, ArtWorks has hired over 3,300 area youth, 2,700 professional local artists, and trained nearly 600 creative entrepreneurs. 

At WSC we believe, ArtWorks is an amazing organization because it is spreading the power of art and design to the city of Cincinnati. It is opening doors to youth about the opportunities/careers you can have in the art world while transforming once forgotten walls and alleys into true masterpieces. They are bringing colors, shapes, and contagious energy to all parts of the Cincinnati area — when walking by a mural you become in awe of such amazing work. ArtWorks is making the city sing a sweet song of transformation, hope & joy.  

There are other programs where ArtWorks impacts the world in a positive way; the ArtRX program transforms healthcare environments for patients, families and staff to improve their experience. Additionally, their Hero Design Company project empowers children facing hardships through the co-creation of their very own superhero insignias and capes. They are using the power of art and design to assist in the healing process and give some brightness and joy to people in tough situations.

Artworks also believes in the power of a creative mind and how people can shape the future in the city of Cincinnati.  In their division Creative Enterprise, they provide creatives with training and assistance through education and access to capital. 



Wish Supply Co. believes in the power of giving back and ArtWorks, Cincinnati was the perfect organization to give back to. They are bringing amazing art, design, and programs to the city — this is an organization where  Good Things Are Happening! We are honored to highlight them this year and hope you become fans too!

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Content & imagery taken from ArtWorks website.