Music Mondays : Refreshed & Recharged

New Eyes, this song is six lines repeated over again. It is a driving in the car with the all of the windows rolled down kinda song, simple yet so refreshing. This is a summer tune we play over and over again at Wish Supply Co.

Its a perfect song to start this week off on the right foot. Do you ever have one of those moments where you see things in different perspectives? At WSC we like to look at life as as an amazing gift and adventure. We think it is important to always look on the sunnier side and always believe that good things are happening. This song is great because it reminds us at WSC to slow down and enjoy the view every now and then. Sometimes looking at life from a different view can make you realize how lucky you are. #New Eyes

Hope you have an amazing week and enjoy this tune!

I’ve got this new love
She’s keen on everything
She sees everything with new eyes
So when I’m far away
She knows I want to stay
We will embrace here in due time

Good Things Are Happening – Happy Monday!