Music Mondays: Refreshed & Recharged

Grouplove is an American Indie Rock Band that was formed in 2009 by a group of friends that were on an artist residency. They are free spirited artist and musicians who joined forces to create a band that is stimulating in every way. This dance rock group has a front lady: Hannah Hopper, who is the artist behind all of their album art, before the band she was a painter in New York City. Hannah and other lead singer Christian Zucconi are married to each other, they have amazing chemistry on and off stage and are both creative forces in the world.

"Welcome to Your Life" is from Grouplove's third album Big Mess - it was inspired by their daughter coming into the world. Taken from an iHeartRadio Interview:

"That is a song about this world being messed up, and dark, and a difficult place, but that it can be beautiful, and it can be your fantasy. So, let's make it that way." 

At Wish Supply Co. we believe this is what makes life wonderful. It is up to you to make your life an amazing story. Every day is a NEW day.

We hope you enjoy and have a great week!

Mean man, machine man
I've been nothing but a puppets hand
But nothing ever comes
Without a change

Welcome to your life, yeah, yeah
It could be a fantasy, yeah, yeah
Welcome to your world, my girl
Let it be your fantasy, oh yeah

We're back in business
You're such a big mess
And I love you
Yeah, I love you

Good Things Are Happening - Happy Monday!