Music Mondays: Refreshed & Recharged

Dispatch is a band that is a household name and known to many around the world. Finding huge success in around 1996 - 2002, their songs made decades ago still bring amazing energy to the world. "Only The Wild Ones" is their latest single from their new album America, Location 12. Check it out. Once again Dispatch has released an amazing album you can listen on repeat for hours. Their merge of folk-like sounding voices with a little harder rock guitar makes for music that is always refreshing and will be around for more and more decades. Dispatch is a band that makes music that feels and sounds like fresh air and freedom.

Long hair and longer stride
And your cut off painter pants
Chargin down the craggy mountains with our thrift store friends
Who you find so... so in love with the falling earth
Oh you wake in the middle of the falling night with summer playing coy
In the attics of the city night
We talked corso and the MC5
You could dance like
We were all ALL right

Only the wild ones, give you something and never want it back
Oh the riot and the rush of the warm night air
Only the wild ones, are the ones you can never catch
Stars are up now no place to go... but everywhere


Good Things Are Happening  - Happy Monday!