Music Mondays: Refreshed & Recharged

This Music Monday is featuring the band Powers, an LA based alternative duo consisting of Mike Del Rio & Crista Ru - their infectious beats and melodies, make any day brighter. If your looking for summer time tunes that will make the sunshine brighter, this is the band for you. This package of music talent can be enjoyed all day long.

Taken from Republic Records Write up :

 “For us making music is about being open to letting yourself feel everything, and trying to make stories about these little moments in time,” Del Rio says. “We want to feel all the feelings, good and bad, then capture that magic and build our own world for it to live in.”

We can feel the magic POWERS makes, we hope you enjoy!

Four in the morning
She wants to dance
Twirling the nighttime in her hands
We've got candy and kisses
Keeping us high
Until we make it to paradise, sing

I just wanna get closer
Closer to your body than somebody else
I just wanna get closer
Closer to your body than nobody else
I just wanna get closer


Good Things Are Happening - Happy Monday!

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