Music Mondays: Refreshed & Recharged


Fall 17' is quickly approaching, you can feel cooler winds getting stronger and the nights getting just a bit shorter. At Wish Supply Co. we see each seasons change as a refreshing time to refocus and refresh the daily hustle. This week's Music Monday we are featuring: Bibio

Bibio is an English musician known for his guitar and electronic music. We love Bibio for his poetic song lyrics - they are beautiful and can be interpreted in many different ways. We also LOVE his use of guitar in all of his albums, we recommend checking him out on Spotify and just shuffle play all songs. This will make for a great afternoon or night discovering new music if you haven't came across him yet.

"Lovers Carvings" is an amazing song and should be played on repeat - check it out above! This is from his 2009 album "Ambivalence Avenue". 

Lovers' names, carved in walls
Overlap, start to merge
Some of them underneath
Maybe they appear
In graveyards
Maybe they fade away
Weathered and overgrown
Time has told
Meaningful hidden words
Suddenly appear, from the murk
Maybe they're telling us
That the end
Never was
Never will
The words have gone
But the meaning will never disappear
From the wall


We think this song references love during a lifetime. Love and relationships sometimes end but it doesn't always disappear from the heart and memories don't always fade. People come in and out of your life for a reason, and it isn't coincidence - all things happen for a reason. There is beauty in the unknown of how life will turn out, amazing things happen everyday and one person can change your preconceived life path into something that is better than your dreams.

Good Things Are Happening - Happy Monday!