Music Mondays: Refreshed & Recharged


New Year – New Day – New Energy

At Wish Supply Co. we love the beginning of a NEW YEAR. We feel that it is a perfect time to reset your life, clear your mind and examine your goals for the days ahead. It is a time to celebrate what you accomplished in the past year and show gratitude for the love, life, and joy you have experienced.

We are featuring  “Jubel” by the house genre producer Kilingande. 

Two Words: Refreshing & Original. 

This songs gives the world good energy.

The perfect song to wake up to, listen to while driving to work, walking to class, or dreaming of your next big adventure. Try not to dance in your pants, but be ready because its going to happen : ) 


Jubel “Cheers”, “jubilance”

Showing great joy, satisfaction, or triumph;rejoicing


This songs speaks true to this definition. You will feel inspired, alive, and energized while listening to this song. 

This year learn something new, do something that scares you, and love yourself for who you are. Give this world good energy.

Good Things Are Happening - Happy Monday!