Morning Routine: A Beginner's Guide

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Morning Routine

A Beginner's Guide

Our goal at Wish Supply Co. is to create beautiful accessories and products that inspire the human spirit. Our blog is a place for inspiration, stories, and advice on how to become the best person you can be!

We believe that starting the day off on the right foot is an important part of everyday success. When you wake up in the morning every action you take can determine how the rest of the day will turn out.  It is a time to get your mind in a clear and positive state and prepare for the day ahead. It is one of the only times of the day where you can center yourself before “life” begins.

Yes – this means getting up 30mins - 1hr earlier than you normally do. A strong morning routine can allow you to have a handle on aspects of your life such as your work/business, relationship, health, and mind.

Here are some great ideas to include in your morning routine – your routine can be structured how ever you want it to be, these are just suggestion that have worked for
us before!

1. Drink a Full Glass of Water

- Hydrate your body – this will give you energy throughout the day


2. Meditate/Prayer

- Flush out the negative energy and create room for positive energy the exact stuff you need to get things done. CLEAR YOUR MIND


3. Journal

- What are your goals, what are your dreams? Write about them in a journal and reflect on it. Consciously reviewing your goals will help you stay focus on the path of your success.  Thoughts are Things!


4. Exercise

- Get your adrenaline pumping to help keep your mind and
body in shape for the day's task.


5. Eat a healthy breakfast

- Start your day with nutritious foods that will give you energy throughout the day.
High protein &healthy fats


6.Drink coffee/tea

- “Magic Juice”


A morning routine is meant for every day of the week. We hope you try it out and let us know what works for you! Whatever you do for your routine we hope it brings positive results and a clearer mind.

Good Things Are Happening