Our Favorite Positive People


Our Favorite Positive People - Women Rocking Life and Sharing Positivity

Girl, we know it’s all about living our best life and at WSC, we believe in spreading that message with everyone we can! Whether its podcasts, Pinterest, books, or Instagram we’re always on the lookout for influencers who share our message of positivity. We’ve found some people who also believe Good Things are Happening! Here are some of our favorite positive people we follow and why!

Girl Boss

What Makes a Positive Influencer?

A positive influencer is someone who leads by example, showing us how with confidence and the right attitude we can be happy and live the best life possible. Our favorite positive people embrace this approach and work hard to help others be the best they can be. So if you’re look for great lifestyle tips on how to bring more positivity into your life make sure to check one of these influences.


Jenna Kutcher- Jenna is one of our favorite positive people, inspiring and helping others with her business focused Goal Digger podcast. She focuses on empowering you to set goals, pursue your dreams, and redefine success on your terms. Follow her podcast or check out her website to explore how to be the ultimate girl boss.


Design Love Fest- If you’re looking for the latest trends and inspiring, eye catching designs make sure to stop by Design Love Fest. Run by art director and graphic designer Bri Emery, you’ll find everything from lifestyle tips to artwork infused with inspiring messages to keep at your best.

Be Well By Kelly- Eating well is part of living a positive life and nobody knows that better than Kelly LeVeque. She’s ready to share her expert advice and delicious recipes to help motivate and empower you to eat right and live well. So if you’re looking for the perfect balance of wellness and nutrition make sure to check her out.


Finding Morgan Tyler- At Wish Supply Co. we love yoga, and Morgan Tyler is one of our favorite yogis. Whatever your level, Morgan provides positive encouragement and inspiration to help you on your journey.


Kirsten Jackson Gallery- Art is what inspires us to be our most creative, and this artist is one of our favorites. Her abstract designs and bright, warm colors radiate positive vibes and good energy. Follow her truly amazing work on Instagram.


Positive Lifestyles Start Here

There’s nothing more empowering than positivity. At Wish Supply Co. we believe in the power of positive messages and that there’s nothing better than giving back, that’s why we help you carry good vibes and positive energy wherever you are. Check out our line of high-quality leather handbags, each embossed with our personal message that Good Things are Happening, or follow our blog to find more ways to live a happier and more positive lifestyle.