Brands that Give


Brands That Give Back Can Inspire You to Give Back, Too!

 Whether it’s fundraising for a charitable cause, volunteering your time, or donating goods, there is always a need in your community – or somewhere in the world – that you can help to fill. Nowadays, not only individuals, but also many companies value giving back. Just like individuals, companies that give back to people in need become involved with alleviating or solving problems by raising money, donating goods, or granting employees time to volunteer. Some examples of companies that are part of the solution to healing health and social issues in local communities and around the world include TOMS, The Good Life, and Love Your Melon.


TOMS Shoes Every time a TOMS product is purchased, a person in need is helped. It started with giving shoes to people in need, but the give-back carried out by TOMS has extended to helping people around the world improve their vision, obtain access to water, have safe childbirth, and prevent bullying. These and other efforts supported by TOMS to improve the lives of people are supported through sales of TOMS shoes for women, men, and children. As well, TOMS develops partnerships with locally and professionally managed organizations that have access to and knowledge of populations with particular needs. These partnerships and the resources of TOMS combine to help make the company’s unique way of giving back an efficient, effective reality.


The Good Life Film Co.Through its production of videos that capture wedding memories, The Good Life Film Co. gives to programs that support breast cancer patients, children with disabilities, and outdoor education. After producing a promotional video for Ocean Cure – an organization that provides safe and fun surfing experiences for children with disabilities – the company’s founders decided to make it part of their way of doing business to give back. For nearly 10 years now, The Good Life has given back by partnering with Ocean Cure, Pretty in Pink Foundation, Little Pink Houses of Hope, and the National Center for Outdoor Adventure Education.


Love Your MelonSelling knit caps – also known as beanies – not only keeps people warm during the winter months but also has proven to be a successful means of providing caps to cover the heads of children who are battling cancer. Since 2012, Love Your Melon have given away nearly 150,000 beanies and raised nearly $5 million for children’s cancer organizations. Love Your Melon has partnered with more than 20 organizations that support children with cancer and their families. One-half (50 percent) of all Love Your Melon sales proceeds are given to the company’s Giving Back Fund. In addition, the company’s Campus Crew Program involves college students in all 50 states to raise awareness about childhood cancer and manage beanie donation events throughout the year.

Giving back to your community is not only a noble effort, it’s a great way to be involved! And you don’t even need to be a big corporation to make it happen. But just like the companies that give back, you, too, can find a significant need and help organize a way to make the world a better place. Wish Supply Co. (WSC) believes that products paired with a meaningful purpose inspire the human spirit and affects the world in a positive manner!

WSC also has an emphasis on giving back! For each WSC product purchased, 10% of profits are donated to an organization where #GoodThingsAreHappening. For 2018, we are donating funds to Artworks Cincinnati, whose mission is to empower community + transform people + places through investments in creativity. Life seems pretty sweet when we are all focused on giving back! Next time you look to purchase, consider supporting those organizations who are focused on truly making a real difference! #PursuePurpose