Five Simple Ways to Give Back


WSC Offers Five Easy Ways to Give Back to Your Community

Giving back to your community by volunteering or donating to a charitable cause is the right thing to do! By finding an opportunity to serve, you can help to solve or alleviate a local need that means something to you. And at the same time, you’ll extend your network, build your resume, and feel good about the contribution you made. Today, social media makes it easy to find ways to make a difference right in your own community. Watch for event notices or check the events link on FB pages of local nonprofits that you follow. Not only are opportunities easy to find, but many don’t require long-term commitments of time or money. To get you started thinking about how you can make a difference in your community, here are five ideas.

The best gift is you!

1. Teaching a Skill

What skill do you have that others admire? If it’s something you can teach like playing an instrument, painting, or speaking a foreign language, inquire at your local community center, senior center or city recreation department. Oftentimes, these organizations are looking for individuals who can teach a small class to help children, seniors, or others in the community learn a new creative or artistic skill. Your talent may be just what they need.

2. Reading with Children

Many schools, whether they be public, private, religious, or charter, need adult volunteers to help children improve their reading skills. If daytime school hours don’t work with your schedule, check to see if they have afterschool or evening tutoring programs where adult volunteers are needed. Your influence as a reading tutor will have a life-long effect on the children you help!

3. Coaching Youth Sports

For all of you who are sports fans and those who played sports when you were young, put your knowledge and experience to use! Volunteer to coach or to be an on-field official (referee or umpire) in soccer, softball, baseball, basketball, or football. The experience will get you outdoors, provide a positive opportunity to work with children and last only as long as the season of the sport you choose.

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4. Helping a Neighbor

If the thought of a big event or working with lots of people is not your ideal situation, choose an individual in your neighborhood and do a good deed for them. Seniors, people with disabilities, or busy single parents often need someone who can run errands, care for pets, do yard work, or drive them to an appointment. Sometimes, just visiting and talking with a neighbor is enough to brighten their day and make a difference. A smile, positive attitude, and a little bit of time are all that’s required!

5. Organizing an Event

If these ideas or the ones you find on social media don’t ring your bell, why not organize your own event? Setting up a one-day or weekend-long drive to collect school supplies, clothing, canned food, or winter coats will require only a small amount of your time plus the help of a few friends but make a big difference! Use social media to promote your event and to invite people to get involved. The items you collect can then be given to a local organization that distributes them to people in need.

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Whichever way you choose to serve others – right in your own community – you will be making good things happen. Wish Supply Co. (WSC), is a lifestyle accessories brand focused on giving back and positive messaging. Each bag is debossed with #Good Things Are Happening and 10% of WSC products goes back to Artworks Cincinnati.